Depth analysis of website operation plane and interaction


1 big background,

2 advantage comparison,

3 my website, the overall framework, operation ideas,

4 flat and interactive profit model

5 mark:

when the Internet entered China, the following Web1.0 concept sprouted everywhere in China, taking root and sprouting. In 04 years or so, the concept of Web2.0 first entered our circle. Today, applications across the web industry have become more common. Today, I’m going to take a deep look at these two concepts and find out where our website works.

first, conceptually, Web1.0, we can call it "flat "" for short;. That is, simple webmaster editor, assign a good topic, and then organize staff to report on the topic, the user is simply browser, station advocate is content publisher only. Web 2 emphasizes interaction. That is, the user is the publisher of the information and the visitor of the information. So technically, the use of Digg technology is essential. He allows users to judge the good or bad, so that the article automatically classified. Admittedly, the eyes of the masses are sharp, through the use of Digg technology, it allows users to get more services they need.

then, what are the advantages of interaction and plane,


I think:

interactive advantage:

1. can meet the basic needs of the public, bringing considerable two traffic or higher levels of traffic, increasing user conversion and stickiness.

2. original article ability,.

3 problem solving ability.

4. through the Digg technology to classify users, different types of players classified guidance to different interest groups, so that we can for different customers for different business activities.

detailed analysis is as follows:

from the heart point of view: each user in his post after publication, there will be a sense of achievement, the urgent hope that other people can view their articles. Thus triggering user access to the site again. When approved, it triggers the author’s original, and more loyal to your website, becoming a loyal customer of the website. When not many people watch, the author will go to other sites to see the others how to write, or water, absorb the experience, it is bound to the user acts as the role of the audience, once again raise the PV value of the site

interactive disadvantage: unable to meet the needs of high-level users, the article is professional, the quality of the article is not strong enough.

specific analysis: excessive interaction is bound to chaos, chaos, so that the urgent need to grasp the understanding of a certain content of the user, can not be systematic, comprehensive, find what you need. In this way, the plane of professional finishing advantages will naturally show. In addition, the user is not an editor after all, the user’s posting level is also uneven