How many aspects of your competitors should you start with

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problem is a problem, but also many owners encounter problems, and we began to do the station need to do analysis of the station to work from, as the saying goes baizhanbudai ah, so the analysis of competitors is a very important work, so we should start from what aspects:

first, search your website main keywords, and then see if there is no PPC, if more than 5 words, the word that you are unusually fierce in competition, more competitive does not mean the word search volume, but this word has great commercial value or industry value.

then, we embark on natural keywords ranking top three websites, why is the top three, I want to do the Baidu forefront is our optimization purposes, or in addition to three plus the bidding even if in our home is ranked by comparison, then the search volume it is very small. Let’s take the first site to analyze it, we can first site this domain name, to see how much included, if it is industry station, then more than 1000 words, indicating that the site did quite well. Then we can view the domain outside the chain of Baidu, look at the numbers, which have high weight website chain not to the site, if the two indicators have many words, explain this website network marketing is very powerful, beyond the great difficulty. There is also a PR value is also a considerable reference value, generally less than PR4 of the site to go beyond the difficulty will not be great. There is a better send competitors to enter the site to see, to see if it is how the layout, using what template, also see what we can absorb things, and see if it is Links to enter the site the most important way, check these Links PR value, if is very high, it shows that the stationmaster network of resources or marketing is superb. Finally, we also want to see its Baidu snapshot, if it is every other day snapshot, explain its content often updated, Baidu weight is good.

finally, we can also estimate the site traffic, recently heard that a Baidu weight query tool, you can use Baidu Search ah, as long as you enter the website domain name, it will be the main keywords and keyword index of the web site keywords ranking, are displayed, and the predictive display search engine to bring this web site traffic, this is quite accurate, I use my own several websites try, flow and forecast about.

analysis results are recorded, and then began to plan our website, for example in the content included on how to go beyond the opponent, how to catch up in the external links, see competitors often do some site outside the chain we can emulate, learn to analyze, find their own shortcomings, from the analysis and improvement, and avoid weaknesses, so we go beyond the competitors will point the day and await for it radiation-proof clothes, by which brand is good original, reproduced please specify the