s it a good thing or a bad thing that advertising is becoming more and more popular

is advertising or paying? Ad screening software continues to lead to controversy, but that may be a turning point in the advertising industry’s own innovations.


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since the birth of ad shielding software, the controversy about it has been heard. Apple in the new generation operating system iOS 9 allows users to install third party software blocking advertising decisions, but also to keep this topic continues to heat up. Recently, YAHOO CEO Melissa · Meijer said in the United States held the Internet Advertising Bureau in New York, sustainable development will destroy the Internet advertising shield, is not consistent with the interests of users in the long run.


, Melissa, ·, Meijer interviewed at the event:


users, advertisements can significantly enhance the network experience, a key interception those ads and pop out of order hanging on the web, browse the video does not have to endure the tens of seconds of advertising, the loading speed is greatly improved, but also save a lot of traffic. Want to know how users keen on advertisements, use the data to know: help web site detection advertising shield company PageFair and Adebe in August this year jointly issued a report, global advertising shield users annual growth rate of 41%, 198 million monthly active users.


global advertising shield growth: the global use of advertising shielding the annual growth rate of 41% users, 198 million monthly active users.

source: PageFair& Adebe

, which worries publishers and advertisers, is affecting $70 billion a year in mobile advertising, which could cost publishers as much as $22 billion a year. The biggest impact is to rely on advertising to provide free content for users of the media, many people think that advertising will make the intercept free mode the user can see the difficult to continue, free content will be less and less. Meijer said: "the free nature of the Internet largely depends on the well functioning advertising business model, and with enough advertising support, there will be a drive to produce quality, free content."." Internet Advertising Bureau David Frew in BBC interview, there is no lack of pessimism: "advertising interception will be a major threat to the entire Internet industry, which indicates the end of the existing online advertising model."." "Users should understand that the free content of the Internet is valuable for exchange, and online advertising is at least a bad choice."


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