Four major factors affecting the user experience of small websites

with the emergence of many new technologies, and a variety of free and open source technology is born, it is technology and capital cost and build a website is low, it is almost typing can build a website, or even do not have to spend a penny can make a website of their own. Why do you say so? You can use the space and domain name that people send you, and then use open source program, just like installing QQ, toss about a website.


Of course, the

that the site just started learning, generally speaking that website is not really used online operations, although a person as long as typing can build a website, but can be built or operate a network of people is less and less. Maybe a little understand Web Operations knows the user is the life of the website, is your website value; there may be a friend will ask not SEO such promotion is also very important? Yes, those on the website especially small website is very important, because we haven’t before a brand most users rely on advertising "come, rather than relying on the brand to attract; but think carefully that you attract more traffic or for someone to access, allowing users to create content and the value of the site, or the final user. Whether the user will come or not will stay, and this is the user experience of your website. The four most important factors of user experience are brand, availability, function and content. And why does my title write "small website", because I think the operators of those big websites may disdain to read our children’s articles at all, so let’s get the grass roots from amusement.

first, brand. Today we are talking about the small website user experience, of course, there is no brand concept. But no, it’s not exactly right. Because, although our personal website does not like some large enterprises as a domineering name, and even to register a trademark, but in fact, we also have our own name, this name is our brand. Here is one of my own a website, the website offers many users want resources in the last year, so in a Baidu search I have * * the website name, the website that I stopped after nearly a year, although even the domain name changed, or soon will return to some traffic. Even just reopened when the post bar, watercress such a web site, I have this site reopened information. When I looked at the traffic statistics, I found a large number of websites that accessed the site directly through search engines. This is because my website gave the user what I wanted before, and it trained my little brand. Maybe now, there are things in my website and other websites, but they still choose to come here.

second, available rows. You can imagine if you search the web for information or open a <