Discussion on how to set up DC brand and market plan quickly

many IDC companies must think this topic is very simple, nothing more than to hit advertising, publicity, recruit more people, willing to put money on it, but there is a lot of attention, some suggestions about individuals, and hope a lot of criticism.

In fact, the development of

overall IDC in this industry is rooted in the network, so it should be extended in the network, network publicity is important, but the focus should be placed on the general idea of network publicity. From the individual analysis and comparison, the Internet advertising on the high performance and high yield is the media can not match, and has set up a IDC company did not have so much money to put advertisements on the Internet advertising, so will naturally become a rapidly establish IDC brand’s first choice.

put online advertising is not random in the flow of large sites put on, think as long as there is traffic, click on the effect of natural good, publicity coverage is big and good. In fact, this method is wrong, it should be considered on the object oriented problem is the key, although the traffic on the site click multiple visits, natural high, but because of access to the object is not suitable, the running cost is too high, will cause a lot of invalid clicks, the effect will achieve better results. I think that everyone should understand, as you in the flow of the big movie site advertising IDC, where access to more people are looking for a movie, but really to find suitable movie station space is less and less, completely reach the expected effect.

specifically for the development of IDC industry information sites or forums, due to the specific objectives of the target can also be chosen to launch sites, such as webmaster network, China station, and so on. Advertising is important, but advertising content above the visual effect of the same can not be ignored, this requires companies have a good graphic designer and effective planning staff, personal opinion advertising to do simple and clear eye-catching, let your eye can see is reflected in what other advertising content; the planning language should be enough to kill, let visitors will be attracted to do enough to attract attention, but also pay attention to the advertising content of other competitors on the other position of the station, and try to use different colors, the products are very different or more advantages.

these should be based on the specific circumstances of the site, arrange the company’s art, according to your ideas to make, to carry out your prominence. Believe that, as long as the professional planning skills of the staff can do, in addition to advertising object site selection, in order to better planning advertising, various promotional activities with company initiated is essential, the successful Internet companies will have a special event planning team, according to market demand and designated planning a variety of effective promotional activities, such as package, limited edition features a variety of promotions and so on.

is needed as a new developing IDC company

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