Depth analysis 58 market O2O strategy demand discrete scene is king

58, the prospect of market consolidation is a concern for many people. In this paper, the author focus on social fashion electricity supplier in the field of the field of O2O research and analysis, combined with the O2O crossover, from 58 city and Ganji history and create their own speaking, have talked about the trend analysis, classified information website development and management status of the 58 market and 58 market development O2O.

classified information website pain and disease, long tail demand discrete

Classification information website

also was born in 2012 58 city and Ganji, due to the similar pattern, target market, marketing strategy, in order to seize the market, for users, against each other, the two sides of the outbreak of war, war, advertising marketing slobber war even be too numerous to enumerate 58 city, listed on the first step, the competition between the two is not calm.

with the Internet from the sentimental to young adults, out of the Taobao electronic commerce, out of the Baidu search, out of the Tencent, instant messaging, education and a number of users, the original blank network quickly by all kinds of information flooding. 58 city and Ganji just stepped on the big information explosion point of time.

and Baidu search engine is different, classified information website attribute information needs and be arranged, so that users can find the information they need in the shortest possible time, from experience, classified information website allows users to avoid getting lost in the vast amount of information, through the comparison of the same category of information, fast search to the information they need.

for businesses, the Internet 1 era of network traffic by various portals to control, with coverage of known portal, to allow businesses to find their target users, users through the Baidu search engine search service, to meet the life service information fragmentation. Classified information website, clear categories, classification and address in accordance with the IP way, just to meet the business release of Internet information, looking for target users.

in the early stage of information explosion, 58 city and Ganji for users and businesses, carrying the bridge function, the complex links between removal, through another category labels, the two sides achieve docking.

in accordance with the law of the capital market, a step ahead of the listing of the 58 city, has the absolute advantage of, in cash flow support, should beat in the shortest time, and quickly be incorporated.

story here, along the market trend of development, was the explosion of Internet information hit the original trajectory.

as a classification information website, to seize the long tail demand information, the intersection of a huge market information service from more than one long tail, because the information is very fragmented, according to the two dimensions of demand, place the information in some areas difficult to cut, destined to have enough information source, information service market can not form a the localization of the.

, whether it’s 58 city or go to market, >

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