Dong Jingyi some experience of star entertainment website management

from the beginning of 06 years, I have done a lot of stars of the site, from which to explore some of the star entertainment website experience, here to chat with you. This year I did star entertainment websites, such as Myshow’s Chen Shi, 06 years 07 years hero players Jing Bairan, Qiao Renliang, 08 years and 09 years of "combine Ime, often heard my friend asked me, how do you do these are not so famous, for what do Andy Lau or Jay Chou the website? In fact, I want to say this is the first topic.

one, do star class web site, start early

In fact,

in 07 years, I have been a fan of Jordan Chan’s website, but it did not do basically why, then I summarize, because at that time Jordan Chan has fire for a long time, not what the new explosion point, in addition to his popularity has been high enough, few people will go to Baidu Jordan Chan, look at what is Jordan Chan, you already know him too, so it is doomed to be late star website basically is.

so do star class website must start with the person on the fledgling, of course, at this time the risk is great, because you cannot predict the future, perhaps just a lot of players pick flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, site is down like this, so this can only see how your eyesight.

fans usually think the first website is authoritative, when the stars came out, there will be a lot of media to help make the news, this time is the best time to promote your website accumulation of original data and users, as long as you do get a SEO, the mass media will help you free promotion, remember when Hunan TV push "and when they first appeared on the day after, I visited the site the next day" from Baidu access to more than 8000IP, every time after the first appeared on television, will bring a large number of users search traffic, but the premise is you SEO do well.

two, be willing to invest in


started at the site, must be willing to invest, don’t just think about money, you only spend money in place, there will be output, the site started is very important, the timeliness of the star entertainment website is very strong, if not done in the beginning of the operation, then will not have the opportunity. In fact, is not really willing to invest to the number of inputs, the willing is relative, because the entertainment website group is relatively young, mostly 90, for them, emotional than rational, need not what valuable prize, star album, signature, signature photo gifts will have enough temptation.

this gift must be linked with the community contribution, such as posting number, activity and so on, so that you can start at the beginning of the forum interactive atmosphere formation. For example, when I do the site of Chen Shi often to autograph as a gift to reward members, do "when"

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