Dai Renguang how does the community operate Talk about personal ideas

many webmaster do stand is the first step in the forum, and my first step is simply the station, and always is the use of SEO to obtain the traffic, and then earn advertising fees, once a neighborhood University Forum, but feel what is not popular, not to say, the management also appeared a lot of problems. Later, in the Ali mother community to do the moderator, gave up their community, no longer done, but through the Ali mother community learning, I feel that I really got a lot, grow a lot. Now the super Adsense community operations, but also let me have a further understanding of community operations. You can say I was a rookie BBS, Ali mother community is the first community I am, in addition to a community is almost the only super stationmaster community, once a problem, find a forum, a problem, solve the problem went away. To talk about today community website operation! Mainly with the operation in super stationmaster community

1: do what you are good at. This is the foundation of the community.

more than three years ago in the University, I do is investment website, at that time I also belong to a learner, not to mention the good community, so I can’t give up, but to help others, and others can not find a lot of sympathy, because it is a personal website, so only first of all rely on their own talents to win customers, a company administrators are not very understanding of the topic, users will no more passion to participate in. When the super station out of the community, I have a 4 years experience in the community, with Ali mother nearly 2 years of experience is a moderator, by the newspaper Taobao customers, from this point, I have basically have the community capital. Community will be a lot easier, but it also for us after the operation test is put forward.

two: attention to community talent, talent is heavy,

a community will develop slowly, but the talent not often appear, such as super stationmaster community, along with the development will gradually appear a lot of SEO master, IDC expert, Internet writer, technical expert, irrigation madman, these people are the key to the development of community, the key is to enhance the community, only continue to pay attention to these talent, to guide the community to gradually embark on a virtuous cycle, it is very important for heavy talents but also reflected in the hierarchy, which I also present an idea, introduce some expert certification, let the super stationmaster get more members of the community to help master, master and also help others at the same time to improve their master, help people to fully deserve the master called.

three: to create a good atmosphere for the community, advertising force a little bigger, and then a little bigger,

before Ali mother community, advertising is very overwhelming, so until now, these ads are really hard to kill, because it has spread in the industry, advertising, Ali mother community! So super stationmaster community start to focus on the experience of members.

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