Grassroots summary to build explosion marketing case focus

use network marketing to add momentum to their activities, get more attention, even traffic surge, I think this is what every Marketing Commissioner wants to see. But in fact, the marketing program is very resistant, and sometimes you will find that they originally thought to write excellent books, in exchange for only a few IP, and even very few replies. Why do people get OK on their own while they are so sad?. In fact, network marketing is a science, not that we catch hot spots. Maybe we can find the answers from some of the hottest marketing stories.


1 ice bucket challenge

I think everyone is familiar with this activity. The challenge itself comes from a foreign baseball star. The star called Pete Frates, because Pete itself is suffering from muscular dystrophy, so you want to start a campaign to draw attention to the patients suffering from the disease, the rules are very simple, the named person or completion of the ice bucket challenge in 24 hours, and the corresponding video transmission on the social networking site, or to donate $100 against ALS. The first to take the challenge, is the scientific and technological circles, similar to Lei Jun, Robin Li such big brothers. Then, entertainment stars have joined the activities, so that the ice bucket challenge continues to heat up. So that in the end, ordinary people also began to participate in activities.

can say this is the summer of 2014 the most successful marketing case, even Pete himself did not think of herself creative activities to get the support of so many people, but indeed created a miracle of ice bucket challenge. Of course, I believe you are also very much hope that they can create such a successful marketing case. So what inspiration can we get from this activity,


, involved in the mechanism of low threshold, ice bucket challenge participation is very simple, communication mechanism is very fast, just @ friends can be brought into play, this quick participation is very conducive to the spread of the activity itself.

secondly, the activity itself is full of entertainment and life flavor, which enables participants to enjoy their participation and maximize their public sense of responsibility.

thirdly, the successful application of social psychology. The challenge was announced on a transparent social platform, where participants resorted to indirect public commitments and were more likely to have completed and extended their activities under the supervision of the public

fourth, the rational use of star effect. To some extent, the ice bucket challenge success comes from the Star Group buy it, they will accept the challenge and video on the Internet directly prompted fans to follow suit, so that the activity itself heat rising, gradually increase the scope of participation of the people.


2 "National Father"

this marketing event is even more

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