Baidu big update attached to this Baidu update personal views

The Baidu

let us of new friends waited for 40 days, we have said Baidu was in the period of the last event in the promotion, but also a friend said the Baidu in the revised algorithm, I think these two may not conflict, it is the last time to let Baidu feel perhaps their exposure was a malicious in design, why did so for a long time did not find, but this came to such a result, just to catch a financial crisis, that people want to ruin this Baidu, I want everyone to think, for those who want to get this ending we no one knows.


update is so long, Baidu had to re survey all the database event review, this time does extend for a long time, during which several friends heard the company station originally do not let do, of course, mainly medical and other Baidu feel they are not suitable for them, visible this is the big brains adjusted. Whether the Baidu algorithm changes this is not very clear. Here’s how many people want to see this update.

1, the current Baidu update effect is not very obvious, but there is a little change surface phenomenon. I think this Baidu update is just a preliminary study,

2, more should have an update to see the effect, what this modification algorithm is not, why so many stations are stuck in November 25th, which last week should update the date.

3, and found that many of the station’s home page has been down right, I do not know whether the surface phenomenon or algorithm adjustment is not perfect, it is possible to test one day while adjusting, but also out of a Baidu algorithm to adjust Beta version

4. when this update, I have not been included in the expected things. Because it is two domain name, revision is relatively late. But after another station included, suddenly released hundreds of pages.

5, why stand before the exposure incident before Baidu ranking (several months are natural ranking is very good (home) is more pharmaceutical), but after that time after this update, the main effect is completely different variations, doubt is the same medicine Station or more stable, why who did the page customer promotion station hanging. – this question is asked by a friend of mine, and here is also a sun, see what you have good to see.

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