20 days of 3000P, a game portal building experience

I graduated 07 years, because of the time in school did not learn too much idle away in seeking pleasure, things, and then work really hard to find, so, by virtue of high school Chinese level, and some knowledge of computer science at the University, hastily found a small portal website editing work. At the beginning of the work, just a simple paste, copy work, boring and tasteless, I think I still need to learn something, change the existing state. Although I didn’t learn much useful things in college, I accumulated some HTML and some computer language bases, such as C++, JAVA and so on. And the existing work is also related to the site, so it intends to go to the website development. In addition, I also follow the website editor, seriously study website planning and promotion knowledge.

because there is still a good self-learning ability, a month later, I have been able to skilled handwritten, compatible with each browser’s DIV+CSS web code. So I can’t wait to jump out of the company and find a website front end development work on a portal site. And after doing this job, the knowledge of planning as an editor makes my work more like a duck to water. Because it is portal, after the completion of the development, the workload is not much, to the second half of 08 years, I would like to use their spare time to make a site to play.

although I am proficient in the front-end development of the website, I have no experience in the promotion and management of the website. Also like all the novices, every day for a few IP and worry, and crazy. Later, the development of the webmaster home, this place, found that there are many good things, so every day to absorb the station’s knowledge and experience. But I love silently kantie not return card, so now this is still my first post. Ha-ha。 Then, in the absorption of knowledge at the same time, I constantly build, build various types of, keep trying. But there has been no profitable output.

until later, I found it was not the way to go. Blind construction, investment, this is a waste of their energy and money. So I started to think what is your specialty, web design? Editing planning? "I love playing games" it awoke me. Yes, just a website for games. So I began to host the theme of the game site.

There are several reasons why

games do well, first of all, in a wide range of subjects, and in SEO, they should be called keywords. A lot of you do not believe, I just for a light, 17173 of the station is very clear to tell how much of the game, a game of a theme, but in this topic keyword that is much longer, such as: audition for theme, just catch a key to.

Dance Club key words:

1 dance group dance steps: 8K, card step, card P, even P, each version of dance steps, 3.3 steps, 3.4 steps……

2 dance club experience, experience, money, tasks, skills, >

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