ndividual stationmaster goes out, below the line, let us harvest more

introduce my experience, I graduated in 2001 when it is accepted by a well-known local state-owned enterprises (do financial work) this is the envy of many people. At the time, but less than a year that no future I quit this let a lot of people do not understand at that time. Then start looking for work, the newspapers were filled with the IT industry, it industry elite and so on, then IT is red and purple. So I decided to find a IT company, it successfully entered a relatively large network of companies as a salesman (when the main business is the enterprise website construction, website promotion at that time, 02-04 business market in the blank stage so good to do business, the monthly income in the yuan was splendidly natural think they can be considered a IT elite, because the work harder from the clerk to the Department Manager to manage the sales force of 70-80 people marketing director. In fact, during this period, has missed the personal Adsense, Internet crazy money stage.

06 years from the beginning of the second half of his business is the main business enterprise website promotion since this year is the worst year for saturated blind expansion of the company and the market less than a year time span off, former busy office only left me a person, then how to do many Mang, I think it is engaged in the construction site, no promotion of the core business of the company should have the same.08 where…….

1. at the beginning of the 08 year and a local specialty boss chat get a lot of inspiration, (why to others to do the wedding dress website which, why you don’t do that when I sell products) and the boss told me from your arrival here I help you sell.

such a beat set, the next time to do the site and then to Ali, HC website information, not a long time to consult the phone pour in, to the end of the 08 year national agents

went to more than 50 stores, and sales reached about 5000000.

I think that many webmaster do website on some of the alliance to make money is too hard, why not take advantage of their own advantages and to combine the traditional industries, you can find local or local cooperation to compare.

in the national famous industry

these bosses are generally good to talk about. I want to write these to some webmaster to develop ideas. Leave the computer to go out, the sky is very bright outside.

2. I saw many webmaster do CPC CPA and other products, I think the most promising should be CPS, because of the help of others to sell things to get commission this model never date is some of the most stable alliance advertising mode. I read an article is inspired by:

analysis of several types of shopping guide website conversion rate

several kinds of shopping guide websites on the Internet, I define the category of the website in the user class. There are about the following

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