Compare the Empire, the DEDE, the PHPCMS from the point of building the local information port

recently took a good look at the Empire, DEDE’s official website, and some of the local classified information sites built with the CMS.

for myself, except for using the DZ forum program, I just used the PHPCMS, the ASP series CMS doesn’t say.

has chosen so many CMS, really found that should be that sentence, suitable for their own is the strongest.

these three CMS, in fact, are very strong, but if used in the construction of local information port for this purpose, I think PHPCMS is more suitable.

because it’s just building articles and picture stations, I think it’s good to choose DEDE and Empire. Their templates are really rich. In their forums, you can see many websites with well formed templates. And their official forum popularity strong, so, your problems encountered in the use, also for others in the forum asked has met and got the other, the help of friends, so long as you use the forum search function, you can get the answer.

What about

PHPCMS? I used to have a lot of problems when I used it, such as "what 1064" and so on, but most of them are about space. PHPCMS is running on the space prick. If there is no problem with the space, the program should be no big mistake. I am currently using 2007 except the dingyiding function have a little problem, the other is normal. Most of the PHPCMS problems lie in templates. In so many CMS, there is only this PHPCMS, the perfect template is the least. I haven’t seen the PHPCMS yet, so the template is completely modified. Or use the default template of PHPCMS, ugly do not say. Or modify the template itself, but the template is only modified a home page or individual content pages, and some areas there are errors.

PHPCMS powerful, I think that is reflected in the construction of local information port class website. PC property, enterprise Yellow Pages function are other CMS does not have. Look at Empire and DEDE construction, local port classification, recruitment channels, which are only equivalent to the PHPCMS classification template function. PHPCMS can also be built more professionally.

of course, PHPCMS has many disadvantages, too. Also can not calculate what shortcomings, in addition to not rich templates, forums, moderators, and so on big people, positions as useless, can not play a role. There is no atmosphere for everyone to help.

looked at 2008 and felt very strong.

in fact, I am not punctual to PHPCMS, and I also feel the performance of endless credit before. Because I remember the same time it was released in 2007. Ha ha, the official for the first time released PHPCMS2007, there are 15M giant, many of the documents do not have to mention deletion. It’s down to more than 8M in the back.

, I think KU6 included PHPCM>

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