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The success of

hao123265 has caused a surge of Web sites on the Internet, and it is so popular today that we don’t know how many websites are born every day. Why do so popular web site? There are three possible reasons: to set up a simple, online source, to the space station, logo, changed the name of management; comfort, basically not how it affected the hao123 management; Web site. Hao123 was born in a Chinese Internet is still in the era of popularity, and this era, many people are not very familiar with the network, especially for the web site URL, so hao123 came into being. Today, there are also a lot of people to throw a sum of money to invest in a web site navigation, in the site of the station can also be reflected in the domain name.

pure digital pie

since to do a convenient Internet users web site, first of all, of course, domain name, convenient memory. For example, 265 Internet navigation (, 5566 web addresses (, and 1616 site navigation ( These meters are very attractive, very good, and are not cheap though! But some people still continue to do site navigation of the school, such as VeryCD and web site, is a new web site navigation, also use the pure digital COM domain name, domain name Whois, is registered in 1999. Pure digital international web site is also increasing, it seems like 265 good name domain name has no special features, and a good name domain name almost became the site of the standard.

Pinyin + Digital mix

hao123 is a "good" Pinyin, plus "123" domain name, originally is not comparable to the previous said pure digital domain name, remember, but because of its popularity and reputation, become good remember much. And as the 114 wind, this is also a lot of people know the web site, his interface design has been a lot of stationmaster and 114 copies, the domain name is not how, belong to the creative way to promote 114 of the domain name, we should all know it, with the same depth of! In addition to haokan123, this is the wind back from the super rabbit bought the domain name, not how, but the super rabbit client promotion, traffic is not low.

two level domain name sent

with two level domain name as a successful web site also many, most are some stations do. For example, Baidu (, of course, Google, Sogou, YAHOO, SoSo and QQ also have. Among them, Baidu should be the most concise, no advertising, traffic is also very large. From this point of view, the web site competition is great.

country domain name sent

is similar to Gaga online navigation (, Czech Republic home (http://s.gj>)

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