How do P4000 earn 10000 per month on ad revenue

believe that many webmaster and I did have a doubt, when a station to a certain amount of IP would ask, how much can bring income, income also can not think in more revenue, many friends believe that if IP4000 a month income 1000, want to do 40 thousand IP can earn 10 thousand or more than 10 thousand, because I haven’t done the tens of thousands of IP sites, so they do not know the specific income how many, but I believe that a web site can reach IP4000, whether it is rubbish station or the normal station or the site have value, for the webmaster of the site the value reflects how much revenue can bring us.

at this station

IP4000, then a month income is how much is the station value? Many webmaster would say depends on the type of site, mainly to do what, but I believe if I say a station at IP4000 on a monthly income of 10 thousand, so many owners will give up their struggling station and follow the trend, in fact every type of website is equivalent to different industries, the so-called gehangrugeshan, not specifically to understand, but by all means the pursuit of high visits in seeking opportunities to make money, because for many webmaster pursuit 4000IP don’t spend much time in such a way as personal webmaster not desirable, didn’t see many large companies a website on burn a lot of money for the pursuit of high traffic, behind also can not find the profit model and put up the shutters, as personal webmaster I think can not afford the cost, so we should pursue the value of each IP The website will have to do well before it hits the shelves. Who will pay for the site and how much they are buying? Are they willing to pay for us?

novel station traffic, movie station traffic, traffic station QQ around the big picture station traffic, but also for personal webmaster do, but I don’t know who will pay for me, so I will not do, some people say hang alliance, hang GG, sorry, they give us is that cup of soup be crowded crowded, they want to lower the value of IP of each of us, and not let us get the maximum profit, so what station suitable for individual owners, and higher income, spent less time, many webmaster to pay attention to the baidu popular word, don’t spend time on this surface, we want to find the first page of Baidu hanging full promotion Keywords, these people are willing to stand out of pocket for us, if you stand in the baidu second pages of these words are so OK waiting for money.

said so much, a lot of people would say from the title, the title is the fundamental question or to attract the eye does not care a cut, so I want to ask you, there is no one willing to advertise on you about a IP4000 station on the 800 a month, can 50IP every day to meet, I met but, this kind of advertising a month can take 7 -8 or so, and floating, not pop, in so doing, one month can earn about 10 thousand, I have three such stations, words are in front of the Baidu, recently a >

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