2014 B2B website optimization Operations Guide

Baidu has a huge market share in China, so it’s a very powerful channel for B2B site marketers. In the eyes of B2B marketers, Baidu search engine is the most popular search engine in the global market. By November 2013, Baidu’s search engine market share was 63.55%. The other two big players in the market are 360, accounting for 21.84% of the market and Sogou 10.53%.

, for any B2B company with a Chinese Web site, Baidu’s optimization is necessary. Although 360 and Sogou is also very important, but how to say is 360 and Sogou two the bright younger generation relatively new, and in the foreseeable in recent years, believe that Baidu dominate the era, so there is not much documentation in the SEO optimization industry are also listed in 360 and has yet to Sogou search engine optimization guide.

is what makes Baidu’s optimization so unique, it’s like 2009 Google, and I’m sure everyone knows that censorship in the country is different, so the rules of the game are different.

optimization for Baidu to create high quality and quantity of content, Baidu also should fulfill the specific technical requirements (domestic you know), the establishment of a large number of links to database, and in accordance with the China review system.

The strategy for the

SOSEO blogger in this article is for the B2B web site to optimize operational guidelines, but its concepts can also be applied to the B2C industry.

content requirements

has nothing to repeat: Baidu punishes sites more often than duplicate content, and Baidu is tougher for duplicate content, relative to most other search engines. The content of each piece should be unique on the web site. Especially in the early stage of a good approach is to regularly check whether the quality of the content of the website in the early stage of being reprinted, if it has no name reprint contact other website remove copy content. In the early development of the website, pay close attention to the problem of repeated content, so that the early industry has a word called: positioning the world, "how to locate the theme of the site."".

language usage: all content and labels should be unified with simplified meta. Baidu prefers the simplified characters to the traditional characters, and does not like the Rome phonetic characters and the special characters.

Content Description: the language in China has a wide range of dialects and multiple meanings. A word can have 7 different meanings. To ensure the smooth words, no typos. From the point of view of B2B website marketing, this means you need to hire someone who knows your product and understands the local dialect.

content number: Baidu relies heavily on content quality and quantity to achieve rankings. At every page of your site, you should have at least 300 words of unique content.

Title mark: Simplified Chinese characters are equal to two characters, so the best limit is 35 characters. For each title to do, use "rich >"

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