9 months experience in personal classification of information websites

first introduce the city where I am located – Sichuan, Guangyuan province. That’s the birth place of the only female emperor in history. We also have the famous Jianmen Pass, and also the place where Qingchuan was hit by the 512 earthquake.


Guangyuan city is not big, about 300 thousand people in the city. We’re here when I set up a classified information website. Already has 2 regardless of the scale, from the capital investment is relatively large website. But their biggest feature is news and entertainment. So when I started to sort out. I feel like I’m in great shape.

I use

net system changes a website launched in December 6, 2007. Then there is the difficult process of promotion and information gathering.. Promotion, I began to think a lot of ways. Also read a lot of friends write local website promotion articles.. When I see these articles. I think it’s quite right, too. I thought it was a good move.. But. In fact, there are many problems in the actual operation. I will enumerate the following points:

1, promotion method

advertising on the media. I am a veto.. Because I am a personal webmaster (I am technical, do not understand, really give the webmaster two words in the dark). Income is paid for that limited amount of money. To be honest, not under the original capital invested.

Internet cafe cooperation: now the Internet bar cooperation, out of the iron buddies. You go to talk about cooperation. It’s all about tickets. Your book exchanges advertising bits for him. Many feel it’s unnecessary. You said you offered free movies?. There’s a lot of free movies on the Internet now. In other words。 The ticket is direct. But I still did not invest. The same reason,


do local activities: I know that too. Small investment. Just have friends. This operation is very easy. But at least my website is a bit popular. You can’t pull someone out of your head and start an activity. December online site. Spent almost 4 months, a little bit popular. 512 of the earthquake is coming. Spontaneous abortion. Those two days, we have a lot of aftershocks here. A lot of people are living outside the tent until early August before returning home to live. Maybe a lot of people say it’s an opportunity. But I still missed it. He worked as a volunteer for several days. The rest of the time calls old friends..

there are many other ways. But for a variety of reasons or funds. Or connections, eh?. All went bankrupt, and finally went back to doing optimization. Attract search engines to flow.. 9 months have passed. My website is now around 500IP per day. Hey..

2, information collection,

I really took to the streets to collect information. It’s information about businesses and businesses, in the process of collection, in our place. Many businesses don’t understand or even repel. Of course, there are many reasons. It boils down to the following:

personal web site, no real legal big patron and background, businesses easily misunderstood

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