s it becoming harder and harder for SEO or our ability to decline

yesterday to see a writer to write an article that said his article was reproduced, but he did not leave the link, and SEO has become more and more difficult, attributed this to SEO more and more difficult, but said that is not the reason from the perspective of individual.

first: do we consider industry saturation

?If you have a

analysis of industry more people endure the miscellaneous, do this kind of thing many people, many people eat this bowl of rice, the industry began to gradually saturated, in fact for an article is reproduced in many people, this is a good thing, because of your article the value of no value who will reprint your article, as for staying in your link, that is another thing, you want to be your link is because you think your original things, while others don’t want to leave your links, because he wanted to use your article to create the value for himself, to be used by the value, if your article is not being used, then only is a piece of trash, the reason I say that is because of my writing, is also a lot of people reproduced, reproduced some I will leave behind the link, and some people will leave his own links, in fact this is a normal thing on the Internet, some time ago that the search engine algorithm adjusted for non original articles not included, after the fact of your article don’t reprint, or an original article? In fact, for some time, I also think, Baidu in the end included in the original articles, or included reprint articles, until the end of his confused did not understand, then do not understand things just don’t want to go, go do it, anyway, follow the times should be right.

second: do we focus on innovation


began to shout SEO needs innovation from last year, until the development to still, still haven’t found what innovation, only innovation is the algorithm of Baidu is constantly adjusted, and we adjusted the algorithm of Baidu constantly, in fact we are taking is a dynamic innovation. That is to say we will not take the initiative to find some new things out, unless the previous method no matter, then we need to think of new ideas, as long as we started looking for a new algorithm to adjust the method, however, this new method we’re always looking for a long time.

is only something that you don’t understand, why don’t we go in search of the engine in front of it, why should we always pay close attention to the search engine algorithm, I have seen such a person, he said he now optimized basically won’t go to the search engine how to how, just do their own thing well, all aspects of the optimization, the site is not cheating, every day is the original article, the hair of the chain, basically rely on for some more, the chain is also some relatively high quality. As a result, his site works well, and Baidu loves it. Sometimes his content gets seconds.

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