Empty handed White Wolf talk about some of the bidding website insider

introduction: I welcome the submission of this type of articles, and will spread, is the author of a construction company manager, through the Internet and a large number of bidding website contact, and tell us these sites inside through their own experience, this paper can be learned: Master resources than the contents of the original website more important.


I am the development manager of a building reinforcement company in Jiangxi. The company’s main business is the safety structure inspection and reinforcement of bridges and houses. I hung the development manager, in fact, what to do, including the website construction company, the construction of the chain, website maintenance, update the industry bidding information collection, bidding, tender production and customer appointment negotiations, occasionally to project along the way. Today I did not come to publicize our company, nor to write the soft text. I’m here to tell you something about the bidding website.

, as a construction reinforcement enterprise’s online bidding information collection staff, inevitably needs to collect online bidding information throughout the country. Now let me talk about some of my experiences, and give a little bit of inspiration to people who are doing the same job as I do.


just to work, do not know how to collect the bidding information, so go on Baidu to search the bidding information, in front of several are large professional bidding information website. There are a lot of tender information on these sites, but the information is not complete, the key content of all the other star one, behind the words you can see all the hidden part of the register, so I really go on these websites registered, but registered information and contact information and upload to the enterprise later, when I finish all this time found or fooled, hidden information or an invisible. But every day after receiving these sites harassing calls, we are required to open free membership, the annual fee has many grades, cheap also more than 10000, expensive about one hundred thousand. As a migrant worker, I wouldn’t be able to open a membership anyway. So I started into some peer QQ group to learn how to just convenient free collection of bidding information, and in the group I have learned a lot, the original bidding information all around the country are government resources trading center released. After my comparison, I found that all the information on the so-called bidding websites listed above came from these government public resource trading centers. The only difference is that they have collected government information resources from all over the country on a web site. Then, they begin to connect users by tempting registration, and then telemarketing allows users to buy their annual membership fees. What they do not need any cost, only need every day will increase throughout the new government public resources trading center on the website of the information collection into their own website, and the key information technology with an asterisk, > hide

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