A webmaster’s website operation view

Operation and maintenance of biggest problem encountered in the

site after the completion of the site, a good web site, we must rely on the good operation mode can persist, so in the website operation will encounter what problem? One by one analysis of the main problems encountered below I personally.

time is the razor

for our ordinary webmaster, mostly need to work, while running their own site. There were not too many residents in the early days of the site. And we do not have much time to write a lot of original articles, which seriously affected the collection of our website. How to solve this situation is imminent, personally, I will mainly take two ways:

first, the morning is the largest amount of information, we can reprint some news in the morning information, and appropriate pseudo original processing.

secondly, we’ll have more time at night, so we can write some original articles with higher readability after work.

promotion and website construction synchronous

many webmaster in the website has certain content, just begin the website promotion work, this is very unwise. Promotion work should be carried out simultaneously with website construction. At this point, some people will ask, how to promote the site? I personally, I will seize every opportunity to promote, log on any web site, I will do a simple promotion. Promotion is a process of long-term accumulation. It’s hard to see the effect of promotion in the short run, but time will prove that what we do is meaningful.

fund is flawed

lack of funds is a common problem of our small station, we took the meager wages, it is difficult to spend money in optimizing the investment, and the site in the early stage is difficult to achieve the purpose of profit, how to solve this kind of embarrassment? There is no free lunch, do what all need a certain amount of capital, the the place is inevitable, compared to a stable server is particularly important in the construction site. We only have to choose a more stable server, will bring stable traffic for our website.

explore the source,

The three points mentioned in

mentioned above are unavoidable for our common webmaster. We might as well go back to the roots and get back to the station. The first thing we should do is to choose a suitable station building tool. If you want to build a forum class web site, we can choose the forum community veteran DZ, if you want to build micro-blog class website, we can consider using TS. Personally, I built a community web site that integrates micro-blog and forum, using Spacebuilder in the.Net field.

for web site operators, different people have different views. I was there to represent a class of webmaster, hope that through my humble opinion, we can bring deep reflection.

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