Baidu closes 13 trends behind news sources

Abstract: the old age has gone by Baidu’s abolition of news sources. Entrepreneurship must look at the wind, trends, for most entrepreneurs, the number 100 must become one of your main path.


in March 20th, Baidu announced that due to the timeliness of Baidu content recognition technology upgrade, the original form of independent news source database is no longer suitable for use, so cancel the news source database.

PC, Baidu news source of a wave of another wave of the Internet, no wonder some people say: "only a short while ago, the media or website became Baidu news source, than to buy a house in Beijing value."

Baidu this shift represents what kind of Internet trends and air outlet


PMCAFF specially invited to Baidu P9 product architect Li Tianhua, to interpret this.

in this paper, according to the results of the investigation on the teacher Tianhua Baidu, headlines, Tencent, UC, KOL, fast company, group company, owners of such companies, predicted 13 trends of future direction of the content of entrepreneurship.


1. content rich media evolution

audio, pictures, and short videos are the changes that must be embraced in all future content industries, and will remain replaced or forgotten if they remain in text only. In this way, such as knowing, Papi, live, or, should, headlines video quickly, micro-blog, Baidu, more representative.

2. content and user interaction system portfolio has become standard

users can continue to stay in a content service or content chain platform for a long time, in addition to content restrictions, the core is the long-term value of user interaction precipitation. This is particularly evident in the watercress, although it is in decline, but long time settling down, film, music and book reviews and other information, can continue to stick to the user. At the same time, the new interactive system has become a necessary means of long-term incremental value. As a fast, headlines interaction behavior, will become a standard source of profile system.

3., KOL economy gradually MCN,

only by a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) to drive revenue model has been unable to meet the expectations of the future must be incremental segments, MCN (Multi-Channel Network) of the alliance, the expansion of the armed forces scale, structure of supply chain, enhance productivity and service structure diversification.


4. multi channel service distribution model is replaced by the main feed center distribution model on a large scale instead of

headlines, quickly, UC is the centralized distribution model, the main bearing 90% > feed

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