Ween’s Mickey Melchiondo Addresses Phish-Haters In Ween Fan Group

first_imgYesterday, in response to the proliferation of Phish-bashing taking place in the Facebook group Ween Appreciation Society (WAS), I created a sarcastic meme, which elicited a public statement from Ween guitarist Mickey Melchiondo aka Dean Ween. In his statement, Mechiondo addressed what seems to be a very vocal minority of Ween-ers who spend a good portion of their days bashing Vermont’s favorite sons, Phish, anytime the band is mentioned in the Ween forum.He also admonished any group admins who exercise censorship and delete posts that mention Phish. Later on, that very meme post I created, and on which Mickey commented, was deleted, some say by Mickey himself. But of course, the screenshot always prevails.In the post, addressing the haters, Mickey commented that “Phish are in this for the right reasons and will be around long after you quit whining about your dislike for them.” He continued, “If you wanna delete Phish posts, then you just got trolled.” Melchiondo, who is likely not a fan of Phish, has made statements that make clear his respect for Trey Anastasio and Phish, and for their longevity, commitment and artistry. “Dudes that go and play and spend our lives on our crafts, we’re all in it together… the eternal song…been going on forever and always will. We’re all a part of it.”Mickey, who clearly gets it, has never been one to mince words, and has done his fair share of bashing in the past, but there’s nothing like age to bring things into a clearer perspective. On longevity, he expounded “You don’t get a 30-40 year career by having no talent and not working VERY hard. You make sacrifices for the love and conviction of what it is that you do…No musician, none, no one has the right to judge another musician’s music, no matter how awful it sounds to your ears, no exceptions, not even for Michael Bolton.”On Phish’s fans and the hating he added, “Phish has a passionate fan base, so passionate that they will travel anywhere to see them, much like fans of Ween, albeit on a larger scale. Making fun of something is fun, I’m more guilty of it than anyone, but to dedicate a lot of time to a band you don’t like…well, then you are the weak one in that case, because rather than speak up about what it is that moves you, you are wasting your life and energy on hating. My 2 cents.”So, the wash is out, and it’s hanging up. Clearly, there will always be a “connection” between these two bands, if only for the fact that Trey Anastasio’s favorite band is Ween, let alone the fact that Phish covers “Roses are Free” and promoted Ween to the phanbase early on in their career. I can accept that and I celebrate it, for along with the Dead, these are my favorite artists. As a matter of fact, for this satiated Jew, The Dead, Phish & Ween make for my Holy Trinity; The Father, the Son and the Holy Boognish. So the next time you see something you don’t like on Facebook, scroll on, and go censor yourself. Now we know just “What Deaner Was Talking About.”@dannysteinmanlast_img read more

Eggy Shines At StageOne With Acoustic & Electric Sets [Review/Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images An abundance of quality Connecticut bands has been making waves over the past several years, including Kung Fu, Goose, and lespecial. New Haven’s own Eggy is the latest to turn heads and garner attention up and down the East Coast.Following a stacked fall tour playing with the likes of Cycles, Strange Machines, and Goose, as well as appearances at festivals like Adirondack Independence Music Festival, Eggy made their way back home to Connecticut for a show at StageOne in Fairfield on Saturday night.Related: Spafford Announces Winter 2020 Tour ft. The Iceman Special, Eggy, The Jauntee, Cycles, MoreThe last time they played this venue was back in March for a sold-out Watercolor Days album release show.  Their return, on the seventh night of Hanukkah, provided fans and first-timers with an Eggy experience unlike any before. The two-set show contained both acoustic and electric sets full of original tunes.The first was billed as an acoustic set. As such, the stage was much more minimal than a traditional Eggy show. Stools for guitarist Jake Brownstein and bassist Mike Goodman sat center stage, flanked to the right by a smaller-than-usual drum kit for Alex Bailey and to the left by a single keyboard for Dani Battat. Menorahs decorated the stage, helping to set the holiday celebration in motion.It’s unusual to see all of the members of this band not bobbing and weaving onstage, let alone all seated. Even more unusual was the sight of hundreds of fans in seats. As the music started, however, nobody seemed out of place. In fact, the room felt about as intimate as could be.After working through “Between You and Me” and “Fragments”, Eggy moved into the instrumental “BubaGum” off their 2019 debut LP, Watercolor Days. Traditionally a very funky track, the acoustic version took on a life of its own. Both Jake and Dani took turns with leads while Mike and Alex held down a steady rhythm section.Jake took a few seconds for some friendly banter following “Bloomlight”: “Hey Dani, now I know what it’s like to be you sitting on your ass every show”. After a moment of laughter, Bailey cued the band into “Finding and Losing” by asking the crowd, “Who’s ready to party?”Much like “BubaGum”, “Finding and Losing” took on a new sheen in the acoustic setting. The song is quite upbeat and contains several improvisational sections that change tempo and take listeners on a ride of sonic enjoyment. After slowing things down a bit with “Island Afterlife” and subsequently picking it back up with “Mr. Domino”, the band dropped into “Graceless”.“Graceless” is an Eggy staple. It highlights their penchant for songwriting, both lyrically and compositionally. It contains a chorus that is likely to get stuck in the listeners head, paired with a groove that nearly knocked Jake and Mike from their stools. The harmonizations were as on-point as Dani’s keys during the outro.Following a rendition of “Zugzwang”, the band gave a shout-out to a longtime friend—and the pen behind both “Graceless” and “Zugzwang”—Patrick Amarante. They then finished their acoustic set with “Leatherback”, giving fans an opportunity to stretch their legs before set two.It very quickly became clear that nobody would be sitting for the second installment. The band had their usual setup in place when they returned for set two. Dani sat behind three keyboards and an organ, while Jake stood alongside Mike with his custom electric guitar. Bailey took to the throne behind his full kit and they exploded into “Last of Kin”, letting loose an energy that had seemingly bottled up over the last set.The contrasts between set one and set two were apparent from the beginning. Aside from a change in energy, the band members even changed clothes. Dani put the organ—which was being guarded by a stuffed Big Bird—to work on “All Wheels Turnin’”. A dark and spacey jam was controlled by Goodman’s low-end prowess and the metronome-like timing of Bailey.“Wayless” followed, and contained a Hanukkah-appropriate “Dreidel Dreidel” tease before an “Apology” > “Backyard Bear” segue kept the set grooving. Jake’s ability on the six-string shined through on the original debut of “Backyard Bear”. His improvisational skills were on full display as he seemingly never repeated a phrase the entire night.“This next song is about portable air”, Brownstein said of the next song, appropriately titled “Portable Air Scrubber”. The lengthy jam section in this number included a tease of their go-to jam vehicle, “Onitsuka Tiger”. After “Home is Where the Dog Lives”, Eggy provided a jarring rendition of “Watercolor Days”, the title track from their debut album. It contained an acapella intro that, once again, highlighted the foursome’s effortlessly blended vocal harmonies.An exploratory improv section led into a seamless transition to “Hux (Wit It)“. Tempo and time signature changes highlighted the jam section here before the band segued into a reprise of “Mr. Domino” to put the lid on set two. Applause carried throughout the short encore break, prompting the band to come out for a couple more tunes.The two-song encore contained two Watercolor Days songs, “Golden Gate Dancer” and “Upside Down”, and pushed right up against the 12:00 a.m. curfew. Applause rang out once again as the band took a bow and gave thanks.Below, you can check out a gallery of photos from Saturday’s Eggy show at StageOne courtesy of Chris Sidoruk.Eggy will take their talents north to Bolton Valley in Bolton, VT (1/10) and the Bank of NH Stage in Concord, NH (1/11) following a Twiddle after-party with Twiddle bassist Zdenek Gubb at Great Scott in Boston, MA on December 30th. They will then join Spafford on their Winter 2020 Tour for a string of southeast dates in January. Eggy will meet back up with Spafford in February for shows in Washington, D.C. (2/5), Boston, MA (2/6), and Brooklyn, New York (2/7, 2/8). Visit the band’s official website for more information and a full list of upcoming dates.Setlist: Eggy | StageOne | Fairfield, CT | 12/28/19Set One (Acoustic): Between You and Me, Fragments, BubaGum > Bloomlight, Finding and Losing, Island Afterlife, Mr. Domino, Graceless, Zugzwang, LeatherbackSet Two (Electric): Last of Kin, All Wheels Turnin’, Wayless^, Apology > Backyard Bear$, Portable Air Scrubber*, Home is Where the Dog Lives, Watercolor Days! > Hux (Wit It) > Mr. Domino RepriseEncore: Golden Gate Dancer, Upside DownNotes:^Dreidel Dreidel tease$Original debut*Onitsuka Tiger tease!Acapella introEggy | StageOne | Fairfield, CT | 12/28/19 | Photos: Chris Sidoruklast_img read more

Oysterhead Works Cream, Phish, Primus Debuts Into Second CO Show [Videos]

first_imgOysterhead returned to 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, CO Saturday for night two of the supergroup’s long-awaited reunion concerts.Night two saw Oysterhead, comprised of Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, and Stewart Copeland, run through all 13 songs on the band’s lone album, The Grand Pecking Order, as well as debut renditions of songs by Cream, Primus, and Phish. While the setlist was predominantly made up of the same tunes as night one, the two-set performance saw the group experiment with the song order as the show opened with “Mr. Oysterhead”. After an airy jam that stretched the song near the 20-minute mark and contained teases to “Them Changes” by Band of Gypsies, the band went into “Oz is Ever Floating”, followed by “The Grand Pecking Order”, and “Shadow of a Man”. The band then pulled out its first debut of the evening with “White Room” by Cream. The classic 1968 psych-rock staple saw Claypool take lead vocals for the verses, while Anastasio took over singing the higher-register notes for the refrain to take the band into set break.Much like the previous night, the second performance saw Anastasio and Claypool don acoustic guitars for “Birthday Boy” and engage in some friendly banter. “We meet again on the wooden stools of glory,” Claypool beckoned to Anastasio. “I have so much I want to talk about right now,” which culminated in Claypool asking his burning question, “so who’s better looking, me or Dave Matthews?”The two finally got down to business as Claypool introduced the song, “We’re not supposed to say what this song’s about, but I’ll tell you four things: Vegas, a penis, some cocaine, and a pair of tits.” To which he quickly added, “and Kid Rock.”The band went electric once again for “Little Faces”, followed by “Polka Dot Rose”, and “Wield The Spade”, which saw Anastasio remain at the guitar this time, as opposed to Friday night when he took over Copeland’s position behind the kit. After that came “Army’s On Ecstasy” and “Owner of the World” to close out the second set.The encore kicked off with the band’s first-ever attempt at a Primus song, with “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” from 1991’s Sailing The Seas of Cheese. Not to be outshined, Oysterhead then launched into the high-energy Phish instrumental “First Tube”, followed by the show-closing “Pseudo Suicide” to complete the entire track listing from Pecking Order.Check out a collection of fan-shot videos from night two of Oysterhead at 1STBANK Center.Oysterhead – “Mr. Oysterhead” – 2/15/20[Video: DrummerJT7]Oysterhead – “Shadow of a Man” – 2/15/20[Video: DrummerJT7]Oysterhead – “White Room” (Cream cover) – 2/15/20[Video: DrummerJT7]Oysterhead – “Birthday Boys” – 2/15/20[Video: DrummerJT7]Oysterhead – “Little Faces” – 2/15/20[Video: Jeremiah Rogers]Oysterhead – “Polka Dot Rose” – 2/15/20[Video: Joe Blake]Oysterhead – “Army’s On Ecstasy” – 2/15/20[Video: Jeremiah Rogers]Oysterhead – “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” – 2/15/20[Video: Jeremiah Rogers]Oysterhead – “Pseudo Suicide” – 2/15/20[Video: DrummerJT7]View VideosWith the two reunion shows down, Oysterhead will part ways until the members meet back up in April for a pair of California dates. For now, Anastasio will head down to Mexico for Phish’s Riviera Maya destination concerts at the Moon Palace February 20th–23rd. Les Claypool’s schedule is wide open until the next Oysterhead shows, and Stewart Copeland’s next gig is a staging of The Invention of Morel at Manchester University in Wabash, IN February 28th and 29th.Setlist: Oysterhead | 1STBANK Center | Broomfield, CO | 2/15/20Set one: Mr. Oysterhead [1], Oz is Ever Floating, The Grand Pecking Order, Rubberneck Lions, Shadow of a Man, White Room (Cream) [2]Set two: Birthday Boys, Little Faces, Polka Dot Rose, Wield the Spade, Radon Balloon, Army’s On Ecstasy, Owner of the WorldENCORE: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Primus) [2], First Tube (Phish) [2], Pseudo Suicide[1] Contained “Them Changes” Band of Gypsies teases and quote[2] Oysterhead debutlast_img read more

Joseph Clayton Stewart Jr.

first_img He was a retired Motiva Operator with 34 years of service.Joseph was a US Navy and US Navy Reserve Veteran, serving his active duty in Coronado, California.He loved to hunt and fish with family and friends and was the “Garage PawPaw” who was very proud of his family. Joseph Clayton Stewart Jr., 70, of Port Acres, Texas passed away Saturday, February 29, 2020 at home surrounded by his family.Joseph was born October 22, 1949 in Port Arthur, Texas to Joseph Clayton Stewart Sr. and Anna Lee Breaux Stewart.Joseph was a lifelong resident of this area and a member of Jade Avenue Baptist Church. Visitation for family and friends will be held Friday, March 6, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Levingston Funeral Home in Port Neches with Military Graveside Honors to follow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.He was preceded in death by his parents.center_img Surviving relatives include his wife of 49 years, Janice Landry Stewart of Port Acres, Texas; son, Ken Stewart and wife Becki of Beaumont, Texas; daughter, Jill Sandberg and husband Stephen of Beaumont, Texas; grandchildren, Kendall Stewart, Parker Stewart, Kyler Harrington, and Kohen Sandberg; brother, Keith Stewart and wife Jo of Des Moines, Iowa; sister, Connie Barlow and husband Doug of College Station, Texas; mother-in-law, Della Landry of Fannett, Texas, brother-in-law, Kernice Landry and wife Vicki of Port Acres, and a host of nieces and nephews.last_img read more

Thousands of runners coming for Griak Invitational

first_imgThousands of runners coming for Griak InvitationalSimon GuerraRoy Griak retired long time head coach of the University of Minnesota’s cross country and track and field teams stands on Wednesday at the Le Bolstad golf course. Derek WetmoreSeptember 22, 2010Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintA typical Gophers cross country meet is a fairly low-key affair. Coaches and volunteers roam along the course and smatters of friends and family stand around the sidelines as runners tear up Les Bolstad Golf Course in Falcon Heights. But once a year, the circus comes to town. The annual Roy Griak Invitational draws thousands of runners and fans from around the country, from Division I to Division III, and high school runners statewide. The team expects SaturdayâÄôs meet to exceed the current record for racers, 3,505. Minnesota running legend Roy Griak, 86, will yet again be in attendance as Minnesota hosts the 25th annual Invitational with his namesake. In his 47 years with the program, Griak has become the face of running in Minnesota, and the Invitational reflects that. âÄúItâÄôs really hard to say all the things that Roy has done [for Minnesota running],âÄù menâÄôs head coach Steve Plasencia said, âÄúbut if thereâÄôs one person that I can tell that is the identity of Minnesota track and field, itâÄôs Roy Griak.âÄù Griak began coaching for Minnesota in 1964, and has served as the administrative assistant for the track and field and cross country programs since his retirement in 1996. He remains active and will be an award presenter once again this year. In the raceâÄôs 24 year history, Griak has missed the event only once âÄî to attend a reunion of World War II Army veterans. Plasencia, who ran for Griak in college and then took over for him as coach in 1995, said Griak connects with athletes today just as well as he did in the âÄò60s. âÄúHe transcends the generations very well. He relates to kids today really well even though heâÄôs 86,âÄù Plasencia said. âÄúHe gets people to smile and laugh.âÄù The meet was first held in 1986 and was called the Minnesota Invitational. It was renamed the Norstand Invitational in 1995 before it was finally settled as the Roy Griak Invitational in 1997. The first running featured 220 finishers, but it has ballooned to 3,358 competitors from 327 teams in 2009. The Gophers menâÄôs team will be without last yearâÄôs winner, Hassan Mead, who will redshirt this season due to a lingering Achilles injury and a collapsed lung. Ben Blankenship, Mike Torchia and Mike McFarland will lead a group without its star runner that also includes Pieter Gagnon, Paul Hilsen, Andrew Larsen, Kevin Lachowitzer, Mike McFarland, Sean Olson, Drew Paradis, John Simons, Mike Torchia, Erik Treudson and Matt Volz. âÄúGiven our unique circumstances with Hassan [Mead] being out for the season, I think we need to try to do whatever we can to try to put the most competitive team out on the field that we can muster and I think those guys represent that,âÄù Plasencia said. The womenâÄôs roster is slightly less concrete and considerably less declarative. Aside from junior Steph Price and senior Nikki Swenson, the majority of the team is young and the roster is much more flexible than in years past. The womenâÄôs format differs from the menâÄôs because they donâÄôt need to finalize a roster of 12. Every member competes in the race, and head coach Gary Wilson said the Griak Invitational will help determine who will fill out the top 12 for future meets. âÄúThis is a big meet,âÄù Wilson said. âÄúThis is a big deal because theyâÄôre all fighting for spots.âÄù There are no real locks from the Gophers womenâÄôs team to make the top 12, but sophomore Kayla Wagner, redshirt freshman Missa Varpness and true freshman Ashlie Decker are likely candidates. Varpness and Decker finished second and fifth, respectively, at the Oz Memorial run Sept. 10. The Griak Invitational should give the coaching staff a better idea of who the top runners are heading into the rest of the season, Wilson said. However, considering this teamâÄôs youth, simply making the top 12 is not assurance for a spot the rest of the year, and Wilson said that girls would have to continually prove themselves on this young team. With more than 300 teams, 3,000 competitors and 11 races including four high school sections, it would be easy to get lost in the chaos.last_img read more

On The Job In Los Alamos: Renovating Office Building

first_imgOn the job in Los Alamos are workers applying insulated wrap Tuesday to the office building undergoing renovations including an upper level at the corner of Oppenheimer Drive and Trinity. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comScene of workers applying insulated wrap Tuesday to the office building undergoing renovations at the corner of Oppenheimer Drive and Trinity. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comScene last month of renovations on the office building at the corner of Oppenheimer Drive and Trinity. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comView from Trinity Drive of the office building undergoing renovations at the corner of Oppenheimer Drive and Trinity. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comlast_img read more

New Mexico Has First Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Cases

first_imgWashing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;Clean “high-touch” surfaces daily with regular household cleaners; andAvoid sharing personal household items — when sick, stay at home and don’t go to work or school. STATE News: Symptoms of COVID-19 can appear as long as 14 days after exposure to the virus. They include fever, cough or shortness of breath.center_img SANTA FE – Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health announced today that three New Mexico residents tested presumptive positive for COVID-19, the first confirmed cases in the state.Gov. Lujan Grisham and state health officials will be holding a news conference at 11 a.m. in Room 310 of the state Capitol, 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, to announce additional details and the state’s response to the presumptive positive test results, which arrived this morning.Per the state Department of Health, two of the cases are a Socorro County husband and wife, both in their 60s, with known recent international travel to Egypt. Both are at home in isolation.The third case is a woman in her 70s in Bernalillo County with known recent travel to the New York City area. She also is isolated at home.The press conference will be streamed live at http://www.facebook.com/GovMLG/.The governor’s office and Department of Health will send another notice with additional detail following the news conference.“The state Department of Health has been preparing for this day for weeks now,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said. “I will be announcing additional information and steps New Mexicans can and should take to protect themselves and our communities very, very shortly. In the meantime, I will reiterate that New Mexicans can take preventive actions to protect themselves and mitigate the potential spread. We will address this public health challenge together.”As before, New Mexicans can take easy preventative steps to help stop and mitigate the spread of communicable diseases, such as:last_img read more

Los Alamos High School Senior Zachary Beck To Study Mechanical Engineering At Montana State University

first_imgLAHS senior and scholarship recipient Zach Beck is heading to Montana State University in the fall to study Mechanical Engineering. Courtesy photoCOMMUNITY News:Los Alamos High School graduating senior James Zachary Beck will be attending Montana State University in the fall where he will major in Mechanical Engineering as a member of the Honors College. Beck is an Eagle Scout and member of the National Honor Society. His volunteer work includes working at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center and Mesa Public Library. Outside school, his hobbies include kayaking, skiing and refurbishing vintage video gaming systems.Beck is the recipient of the 2020 Los Alamos Schools Credit Union Scholarship, 2020 Jim Sims Memorial Scholarship and 2020 Explorer Post Scholarship.His family and friends congratulate him on all his accomplishments and look forward to seeing him begin the next chapter in life.Beck is the son of Jill Beck of Los Alamos and Brad Beck of White Rock.last_img read more

PMB Holdings flip Morrisons shed for profit

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