Does the AFC have a support base?

first_imgDear Editor,As the Alliance for Change (AFC) continues to do its master’s bidding, one is left to ponder how low the AFC will go. The latest pandering by the AFC to the PNC is its latest salvo against GAWU, wherein it seeks to place the blame for the sugar industry’s woes on GAWU.Clearly, the AFC has lost its identity, having been consumed by the PNC.Yet again, Guyanese should have seen this coming, since the AFC (upon formation) said it was not going to join with either the PPP or the PNC, yet turned around and joined with the PNC under the APNU bandwagon to oust the democratically elected PPP/C from Government. This demonstrated that the AFC was/is a political opportunist.It remains to be seen if the AFC has any real support base, after having lost credibility and supporters over the last couple of years.What makes the AFC believe that the PNC takes it seriously? Given the dwindling support base of the AFC, it is clear that the APNU+AFC Coalition will not win a fair and free general election in 2020.It is obvious that the AFC knows that it has lost its support base, hence the continued pandering to the PNC. The hope of the AFC is that the PNC will keep it in power. If history is anything to go by, then the PNC will ditch the AFC before the next general elections, as the AFC has lost many of its supporters, so there is no real need to keep the AFC in a coalition.Yours faithfully,Sean Orilast_img

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