Opinion of Charles Ramson Jr

first_imgDear Editor,I have read letters to the editor published about Charles Ramson Jr after his announcement about running for the PPP’s presidential candidacy and I wanted to share another view since I have known Charles for decades, and Guyanese need to know about the persons who would like to lead Guyana.I would also like to disclose that I am a relative of Mark Devonish who wrote that Charles would not be a good choice for President. My position stands to offer you perspective.For the decades I have known Charles… from our school days at Stella Maris and Queen’s College. We were always in the same class up until I left Guyana.He was always a person who held good judgment, strong values and was always good to everyone he encountered. In fact, I have never seen him display or express a single racist, bigoted, sexist or class-ist view in my entire life. He was always the “fight-parter”, but was always willing to fight if necessary to defend himself and others.Those elements about a person remain unchanged. It is who they are and how they are made up. Those to me are not only essential ingredients of good leadership, but exactly the kind of leadership necessary for Guyana.Opinion pieces have been published about him and one from a member of my extended family. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, I firmly believe that a Facebook argument you had with someone years ago and very little real-life interaction will give very little insight into determining the value system essential for leadership and, therefore, has no relevance in public discussion.In my opinion, I also think he would make a good president based on what he brings to the table.He will inspire a generation of young people; he can bridge the bitter racial and political divide in Guyana; he will improve Guyana’s international relationships, image and foreign investment opportunities, but most importantly he is the only person in politics at the moment, who has a deeper understanding of oil and gas economies which will be a dominant part of Guyana’s future.I know writing this has somewhat compromised my personal privacy, which is important to me but that is how strongly I view this subject.Edwin Foo IITokyo, Japanlast_img

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