114 more recent gynecological medical website optimization makes me very hurt

how to do the preliminary optimization of the website


? No one has been a long time, the maintenance of

1 website (the company said when I came on the optimization and after saying optimization personnel to develop a simple plan to go, I do not know what the reason, later learned).

4, the website is very poor, for this station is personally feel that as long as the relevant optimization personnel, so the website related to the domain of love Shanghai data is very objective, the domain of this website has been in about one thousand of the fluctuations.

website has links to purchase, and some of the platform have links (here we removed the site is the old station, the years when the link could then buy those links everywhere platform rarely, with the corresponding weight increase platform to give me the website link everywhere will pay attention to this decline, want to combine website a year no say this to analysis).

came to the company’s general look at the website of www.fk114贵族宝贝.cn, was found to be a station, and for a long time, the thought of optimization should not be difficult, but through the tool to show results but let me be startled at: "love Shanghai give zero weight", this thought can be resolved through communication, but the relevant person in charge of master data are few, most of the data are lost over time, since the second days I started on the website of the relevant data were observed for nearly a week, the site was down right now love Shanghai turned out to be reasonable. Here I give a general reason:

5, the site is not stable, the chain can be seen through the YAHOO blog site outside the chain of data is relatively large, about hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people are hurt, really.

7 server, reason, on the one from me after the server has not open for a few days.

The chain of

for a week by the relevant data analysis, summed up the preliminary optimization scheme of personal website, because.

2, web site revision, it is through the relevant error analysis to the noble path baby, after the revision did not take relevant measures such as shielding, causing the site to appear a large number of dead link optimization failure.

The chain data 6, Repeat the

why love Shanghai for traffic is almost zero

3 site is too high, the relevant section frequently called, and a lot of users have no practical effect (of course, this has been proposed in the preliminary optimization scheme I in).

?The first day

to the company for a week, have a deeper understanding on this website on 114 gynecological station, more than 3000 of traffic, but most of the flow comes from noble baby, Sogou, soso this three search engines, from love to the flow of the sea is almost zero. The details are as follows:

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