New sites keywords ranking how to go beyond the love of Haizi products

1. H1 tag, keyword density

image design of the word, keyword ranking can go beyond love Shanghai sub products, a big reason in my opinion is that a reason. If you want to rank well, not only is the pseudo original, the most important thing is what you wrote is user oriented, search engines have become more and more intelligent, once all garbage station can row in front, but the observation of many industries now? You will find that the row in front of the site must be fine unique, rich in content and illustrations. Your website user experience is good, love Shanghai 100% will give you a reasonable ranking, because the search demand principle of love Shanghai is to solve the user, the more your site related articles, the original higher authority is also higher, the natural ranking will be in front. And I find out the website average access time rate, views and website, has certain promotion effect on ranking.

before the word "image design" of the top three has been in love with Shanghai sub products already occupied, so in the fierce competition, the new ranking is even more difficult, but through the actual optimization, I also gradually find the ranking algorithm to love Shanghai next 2012, and share with you.

chain is really not used to advise you, Shanghai dragon Er, if you want to make the website ranking, website weight increased, do not put a lot of time lost in the forum, really not what to use, 2-3 related > every day


2. content relevance, practicality and can really help the user to

H1 tags and keyword density still have a certain role in the rankings love Shanghai’s latest algorithm, my H1 tag is a personal image design, and is called total, and keyword density at around 4%, in site 15 days or so, the name of the word row has been very good. Until now is very stable, but I do most of the chain keywords is the image design, so the key factors visible ranking cannot do without H1 the station’s call and keyword density.

3. or


well, not to say nonsense, directly above:

following the last release of about 18 days after the new speed ranking love Shanghai home, in recent days the keywords have been ups and downs, the new station is also very normal, because the place has not been optimized, so the key words off the home page, but also the most miserable time is eighth. But after last night after the update, key words finally successfully lined up before the three, in fact, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER have the ability to challenge popular keywords, but has not resolved, I also own the breakthrough was overjoyed, after all, is the 29 million index of the amount of words, or very difficult, and step on the road the body is more than 5 years the authority of the old station, so it is to feel the joy of harvest.

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